Create a resume that catches the eye of recruiters! Choose the CV template that suits you and customize it easily.


Chronological Resume Templates

The chronological resume allows prospective employers to review your work history, your duties, and accomplishments in a glance. This type of resume is a great option for job seekers who have long and stable work experience. Many hiring managers prefer to see this traditional resume style.


Functional Resume Templates

The functional resume away from the focus of the work experience and focus on the skills and competencies. This type works best for people changing careers, job seekers, and those with gaps in their work history, as well as applicants with an entry-level degree.


CombinedResume Templates

The combined CV (also called "hybrid courses") shows your schedule while highlighting your most relevant qualifications. This format is best suited for applicants with significant work experience and many job requirements and responsibilities.


Use a resume template to find a job!

Looking for a resume to upload to apply for the job of your dreams? In this section, you will discover the missing ideas to make your CV and find a job.


The job search is, as we know, a real obstacle course. Offers are rare, accentuated by the crisis, employers who recruit less massively. However, responding to the few advertisements and job offers on the job market certainly requires making an impeccable resume. The advantages are that they can be downloaded easily and at any time. Currently, the trend is to turn to virtual resume banks to find examples of original CVs.

Creative Resume Templates

Even if you choose to send a resume online, you shouldn't neglect its presentation. Pay attention to spelling mistakes, typos, and mistakes which are eliminatory. You must mention your diplomas, your certificates, your level of training, your course, your certificates. Hundreds of resume templates are available on specialized sites: simple, classic, thematic and video resume. Nothing better than an original resume to attract the attention of recruiting companies.

Modern Resume Templates

But how do you make a good resume? Applying for your first job is understandably difficult, but not overwhelming. If you cannot directly download a CV for free, there are other alternatives. On some sites, you also have a tool to create an online resume. To help you, you can have resume tips. With the right resume software, for example, an MS Word it's easy to create a resume from scratch. Whether you are a store manager, pharmacy employee, sales manager, product manager, regional manager, tiler, cashier, maintenance technician, quality engineer, counter agent, you will find on this website the CV template that will correspond to your needs.

Unique resume templates

When it comes to content, first and foremost learn how to write a resume properly by avoiding typos, spelling mistakes, and poor resume templates. Depending on your professional objective or your status, you will need to present different CVs during your course: to apply for a training course, to join a prestigious school, to obtain a work-study contract, to apply for a job offer internship, to try your hand at a position. Of course, to stand out from the crowd, you have to take care of the “Leisure, philanthropic work and associations” section. It's quite surprising but a large number of recruiters dwell on this personal information which, according to them, is the determining criteria of choice when faced with several identical CVs.

Professional Resume Templates
Very helpful! I was able to make some very beautiful resumes during my frantic job hunt with these.
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A really nice, clean, contemporary template and great customer service if you have any questions or issues!
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